Penis Envy Cubensis Spores
October 23, 2020
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psilocybe cubensis: B+

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B+ is a unique strain that performs very well indoors and by far the most versatile cubensis around. This strain grows aggressively on a wide variety of substrates and within a broad range of temperature.

When grown on more nutritious substrates such as cased grains, compost, and straw, B+ has the potential to produce enormous fruits, easily achieving a height of one foot (30cm) or greater. No wonder B+ is one of the most popular strains available.

  • Substrate: Compost, grain, pasteurized dung & straw.
  • Temperature during colonization: 28-30 C.
  • Temperature during cropping: 22-25 C.

For cultivation advice and techniques see Mushplanet.

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